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Dr.Bellmunt’s Team has worked together in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer since 1997 for over 15 years. During this period, the team has pursuit scientific progress and innovation through the study, research and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.
The group offers a personalized attention based on optimizing the process of both diagnosis and treatment initiation. For its diversity of specialists they offer has extensive coverage in the different types of cancer to adjust to each case needs. Although treatment of most tumors is outlines by American (ASCO) and European (ESMO) Clinical Guidelines, the new genetic and molecular knowledge and the availability of new therapeutic targets allows the design of tailored treatments. This "something extra" takes into consideration not only the tumor histology and stage but also it’s genetic traits, molecular alterations and patient profile. This has been possible because of the deployment of technologies such as next-generation sequencing and advences in inmunotherapy.
To achieve this personalized strategy, Dr.Bellmunt has focused his research work in various areas of oncology, including prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. Studies have focused on the analysis of prognostic factors (to subcategorize the tumor), new therapeutic strategies and especially the identification of new therapeutic targets and development of oral drugs that replace the classical chemotherapy. In this project Dra.Ramirez, Dra.Anguera, Dr.Maroto, Dr.Pujadas, and Dr. Hernandez-Bronchud play a key role, working as a team and subspecializing in all cancers (colon, breast, lung, testis, melanoma, sarcomas, solid tumors in general).
The team's background as a working group ensures not only excellence in the treatment but also walking the patient and family in the decision making process. Similarly they offer second opinions or genetic counseling to relatives of oncology patients.

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